Our Attorneys & Compliance Staff

have years of experience in private practice, government and the non-profit sector, making us uniquely qualified to serve the needs of our clients.


Campaign Finance Compliance & Disclosure

We guide our clients through the ever-changing maze of complex campaign finance laws at the federal, state and local levels. This includes advising candidates and officeholders on campaign fundraising issues and compliance with disclosure requirements; advising political organizations, unions and trade associations on independent expenditure and member communications campaigns; and counseling major donors and businesses on their political activities. We routinely create and administer political committees, and our in-house compliance staff prepares and files campaign disclosure reports for our clients.

Election Law

We have extensive experience representing clients in recounts, election challenges and recall elections. Our attorneys regularly assist candidates with filing their candidate papers, and often find ourselves litigating ballot designation cases in expedited pre-election proceedings. We guide ballot measure campaigns through the petition circulation process and advise them on ballot qualification issues, frequently litigating these issues in the courts. We also have expertise in monitoring elections and litigating issues arising under the Federal Voting Rights Act.

Governmental Ethics/Conflicts of Interest

We advise our clients on how to avoid the appearance of any impropriety, including advice on conflicts of interest, gift and honoraria laws, and revolving door issues. Our attorneys also assist public officials with the preparation and filing of their annual statements of economic interests.

Ballot Measure Campaigns

Many issues are taken directly to the public through the initiative process, and others are placed on the ballot by a legislative body. We leverage our extensive experience to draft state and local ballot measures, and guide our clients through the ballot qualification process. We are frequently called upon to litigate issues regarding ballot qualification, constitutionality and ballot arguments. We also register and administer ballot measure committees, and advise clients on ballot measure disclosure and disclaimer requirements.

Enforcement Proceedings, Audits and Investigations

Public officials, corporations, individuals and political organizations call upon us to represent them in administrative proceedings, including audits, investigations and enforcement proceedings conducted by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), LA City Ethics Commission and other local administrative agencies.


Sometimes, the only way to obtain a desired result for our clients is through the courts. We serve as zealous advocates, representing our clients in election disputes, constitutional challenges to ballot measures, voting rights cases and writ proceedings involving ballot language. Our firm also represents clients in business disputes and other civil litigation matters arising out of political campaigns.

Major Donors

From Fortune 500 companies to individual contributors, we help donors navigate through the intricacies of campaign finance laws. We track our clients' contribution activities to ensure compliance with federal, state and local contribution limits, advise them on their political activities and prepare their major donor disclosure statements.

Non-Profit Organizations

In light of the constantly changing political landscape, many groups and individuals seek innovative ways to become involved in the political process. Our services include advising and counseling clients regarding the formation and registration of non-profit organizations to conduct, among other activities, issue advocacy campaigns, legislative lobbying, voter registration and get out the vote efforts.

Lobbying Compliance

We help lobbyists and their clients comply with federal, state and local lobbying laws, by preparing lobbyist registration and disclosure statements and by advising them on federal, state and local restrictions and prohibitions on their political activities.

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